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Sites from single page to hundreds of pages.

We have TWO types of websites:

These websites are all the "Corporate-Type" website in which a very large amount of information needs to be conveyed about the customer.

With the larger sites, it is always important for the user to be able to find what they are looking for, and we are particularly careful to create easy navigation.

We give our lowest quotes for the largest sites. We have found that (from your point of view) it is easiest to create a site like this that has a theme throughout the site that creates continuity—by having a single liaison from the company.

On the left is a small sampling of some of our larger sites. To see others, merely scroll farther down the page.

Hundreds of companies and individuals have found that when they put their confidence in Syntropy Properties, Inc., their possibilities about presenting themselves on the internet and telling their story now become an easy reality.

Syntropy is a company that represents itself in a faithful manner and offers the kind of service that inspires confidence. We present here some examples of websites, both the very small and the very large with dozens of different styles.

We sincerely doubt if you can find better personalized service anywhere at any price. There's a lot of little jobs that we can do for you too, concerning graphical design and printing that may be of much value to your company.

These websites are for small companies or people who have just gotten into business.

We must be careful how we use the word "free" as these websites' artwork and layouts are free.

All customers pay the same $25/month hosting/maintenance fee, which also entitles them to unlimited free changes of a minor nature to their websites. Our motive is that many times they expand their sites.

Actually some of the examples above have added extra pages. To be honest, that is one of our motives and so we are proud if it occurs, but if not, then we are still quite happy to be your host. If you wish to purchase a Domain Name, then we can do the "paperwork" for you for free (of course you pay the registrar) and then we can furnish you free e-mail as well. However, you don't have to have a domain name and can easily have your site listed under one of our domain names. Your choice. We also have web-based e-mail in addition to "client" e-mail, so that you can send and receive your e-mail from ANY computer ANYWHERE in the world, should you be away from your office or home. It's EASY and we are glad to teach you how to do this.
We can even help you create personalized business cards at no extra charge for the artwork.



Cap Gun Toys / These gentlemen took advantage of one of our specialties: Allowing people and companies to get started with a website without very much expenditure. All of our customers pay a low monthly "hosting/maintenance fee," but this size site has no charges for the home page or the second page, which is a contact page. As long as they keep their yearly hosting/maintenance fee up-to-date, then they have a website that is otherwise "free of charge." Our motivation is that when customers discover our outstanding service and get some valuable exposure, then they may want to expand their sites and use our services further. To be fair, their site has done so well, that they have added a page to it now. http://www.CapGunToys.com

These fellows sell some of the finest vintage toy cap guns on the market and probably collect as many as they sell.

They also are happy to take advantage of one of the our BEST FEATURES. Namely that the "hosting/maintenance fee" allows unlimited changes to the content of the website.

Cap Gun Service / Jim Turner offers the finest in Nichols Cap Gun Restoration Services. Originally he had a single-page site, but has now expanded it to a site that is a little larger and since his business is also expanding, he is already contemplating an even larger web presence.


Jim takes old cap guns (and also pretty good looking ones) and brings them back to a condition that is as good (OR BETTER) than they were when they left the factory, according, of course to their current condition.

He not only cleans them, but replaces parts and in most cases you wind up with a cap gun that is superior to what you would have believed possible.

Hunan Village Restaurant / Another of the "free" sites whereby they only pay the monthly "hosting/maintenance" service fee. They have learned that Syntropy offers fine service and so when they added another restaurant in The Woodlands, they also purchased a site for that restaurant as well: http://www.RedPhoenixHunan.com. And now we are building them an e-commerce site for their Oriental import business: http://www.AsiaTiqueOnline.com. Now you can see why we are motivated to get small businesses started with a "free" site.


This is one of the finest Chinese restaurants in Texas and is small enough that it has a home atmosphere where you get to know the owner and staff, but also has a gourmet atmosphere "on the plates!"

They have been serving the Conroe area (just north of Houston) since 1989 and have established a reputation with numerous awards in the local press for excellence.



The Antique Cowboy / David and Jill Denton already had a nice website but wanted to "modernize" it a little and take advantage of the quality service that we bring. So they had us build them a new website with some modern tricks!


The Cap Gun Hobby is a wonderful hobby and it is the basis for this website and the museum that they have. Cap Guns, Cowboy Toys and Movie Posters are featured here for kids of all ages to enjoy.

T-JENS & T-JENS / Though this will appear to be a large site with all of the extra pages in the photo gallery, we were perfectly willing to create these extra pages at a greatly reduced rate as long as Joel furnished the fine photos and allowed us to use a template for the process. So he wound up with a large presence for a nominal price.


Joel Tietjens is one of the finest safety speakers in the nation and speaks to hundreds of companies and institutions.

Over the years hundreds of thousands have benefited from his expertise in safety, in both training and consulting.



Rainier Rubber Company / When one of the premier rubber companies in the Seattle, Washington area needed a website that would show their capabilities to the world, they turned to Syntropy, which has probably created more "sealing company" websites than any other company. Rainier Rubber Company has been a faithful client of ours for years.


It isn't easy to serve big companies like Boeing, but Rainier Rubber Company has been giving quality service and quality products FOR YEARS.

They have developed their own specialized line of products and materials in addition to serving the sealing needs of their area and also the rest of the nation.

Deer Park Photos / This Deer Park photography studio takes photos of football games, local groups, senior pictures and special occasions and then either sells them direct or puts them on their website for everybody to see—AND BUY! Their site changes a lot and Syntropy keeps up with the changes.


It's very convenient for this company's users to find a photo and pay for it online via the PayPal® online shopping system and much cheaper for Deer Park Photos too.

Deer Park Rotary Club / For a service-oriented club, it is hard to beat the Rotary Club and Deer Park has one of the finest. Therefore they wanted to get out the word about their club. Syntropy was right there, working with them for the development of their website.


In addition to the informative pages on the website, the members can also go into their own special section and easily contact the other members in complete security.

MetFab / MetFab is a company that fabricates and designs custom applications for the various industries in the Houston area. Nearly anything having to do with metal working is their specialty and Syntropy has a long relationship with MetFab.


If you can come up with a design, then Casey at MetFab can work it up in 3-D and then build your custom idea. MetFab builds all types of needed conveniences from drains to huge metal staircase and conveyor systems.

Jimmy Cabrera, CSP / Jimmy Cabrera and Syntropy have remained friends for years now, as he is one of the finest speakers in the country for motivation in schools. He started out with a small website and his site has gradually grown to its present size.


Jimmy Cabrera is a MOTIVATOR!!! He speaks to schools all across America and is a serious force for inspiration among students of all different kinds of backgrounds. "Find Your Niche, Or Stay In A Ditch" is his motto and he is a terrific speaker to motivate young minds all across the country.

His methods and teaching are obviously working, for schools all across this land bring him in to encourage their students towards excellence. In addition, he also speaks to various businesses to inspire their workers to new heights.

Ameraflex Sealing Products Co., Inc. / Syntropy built Ameraflex's first web site in 1995 with a single-page site and now they have one of the largest web sites of any sealing company in America. Besides having information on their products and services, their site is also a wealth of knowledge for people in industry.


Ameraflex Sealing Products Co., Inc. is a sealing company that has been in business since 1966 and has become one of the largest independent companies of its type on the Gulf Coast.

"Sealing Companies Tight" is one of their mottos and the care and concern which they show their customers is evident in their long business relationships. They offer all types of rubber and rubber products and also make standard and custom gaskets to seal all types of situations in the industrial world.

Nichols Cap Guns - The Circle N Ranch / When referring to "Toy" websites, it doesn't get any bigger than this one. This site is over 2,600 pages. True, when building sites of this scope, the price per page must come down, but then sites like this don't happen overnight, but are always a thing that has grown.

This is the largest TOY WEBSITE IN THE WORLD.

This site, folks, IS A MONSTER!!! It probably gets more hits per week than all of the other Toy Cap Gun websites in the world put together. We also have lots of advertisers on the site so that collectors can find parts and Cap Guns.



In 1946 the Nichols brothers, Lewis and Talley (or was it Talley and Lewis?) formed (with their wive's help!!!) what eventually became one of the most famous Toy Cap Gun companies the world has ever seen.

This website is dedicated to that memory and tells the history of Nichols Industries and Its Toy Guns, but also tells about the other companies of the era and the bygone days that may be forever past. So on this website you can really relive your childhood. One of the themes of this website is the total disdain for "Political Correctness" as we had none in those days, but we certainly had a lot more civility. It would be nice (in many ways) to go back to those days of innocence. This site has THOUSANDS of photos and loads of fond memories—both from the author and from you, the public.
There are many other examples not listed here!


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