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As we have stated before, the best service we can provide to you is THE TRUTH. Our quotes on website pricing are accurate and have no hidden charges. If anything, sometimes (forget it....read: many times!!!) we wind up giving our customers pages they hadn't counted on. Call any of our customers and ask a few questions and you will discover this.


"Free Web Sites" (a 2-page site)
Syntropy has provided a solution whereby ANY COMPANY can now afford a web presence! A web site has become such a recognition of validity that many companies will not even deal with a company that doesn't have a web site and/or email. Think about it...Would you buy your supplies from a company that didn't have a phone? It's almost that important.

We realize that much of this information appears on the Service Page, but a quotation is part of the overall service policy and vice-versa.
These websites are strictly a promotional item from our point of view. We do our best to build these small sites just as fancy as ANY of the larger sites. They are just smaller.

First: "The Disclaimer" We charge ALL of our customers a monthly "Hosting/Maintenance Fee" of $25/month (up front) no matter whether you have an 800 page site or a single-page site. So that part isn't free. However, as we have consistently stated, our "Hosting/Maintenance Fee" entitles you to UNLIMITED SMALL CHANGES to your web pages. (small changes only take a few minutes per month)Do you understand what that means? What other company offers that to you??? If you want to add photos to a page, change text on a page, change links on a page, then it is free. This does NOT entitle you to a complete "makeover" of your website in order to change the basic style of your site. Hey...that's REAL work!!! But we are on your side and offer you free unlimited small changes.


What does this "Free Site" include? It used to be a single-page website with a contact form on that page, but we always have our name on the site and decided that if we want to "look good," then we didn't want that contact form on the Home Page. Therefore, we split the site up into 2 pages. The FIRST PAGE is basically your site. We are going to put everything that you would like to tell the public on this page. We do all of the graphics free, we do any photo-editing for free, we do all layout work for free and even answer your questions for free. Because it is free. We only expect you to pay that "Hosting/Maintenance Fee." Hey, we DO make a very small profit off of it and after a few hundred of these it does begin to add up! But our real intention is getting our own message of consistent reliability out there to the public and this promotion is a valuable tool. Besides, about half of our customers who get a site like this eventually want to upgrade it and add some pages. Then we can make a little money. However, there is no pressure on you to ever add pages. That is strictly up to you.

On some of our "Free Sites" you might notice some "Pop-Up Pages" and say to yourself that, "Hey, that's more than 2." This shows how willing we are to help those who help us. If adding a pop-up of a thumbnail on your site makes more sense, then chances are that we will do it for nothing as well—especially if, when you ask us to put it on there, you really make it easy to us to do it, so that it doesn't take us a lot of time. We only have 24 hours in our days too.

Below you will find a good example of one of these "Free Sites." God has been gracious to us by leading fine Christians to us for customers and "Whitewing All-Star Showcase" is a wonderful example of people who have worked with us and let us work with them to provide some outstanding service.


Domain Name Registration

There is no charge for help in getting you a domain name registered—other than the actual charge that the registrar is going to charge you and those charges are very inexpensive.

Standard Websites

This is our main business and we specialize in providing you with the kind of care that you are not likely to find with any other website company.

For the multiple page websites we charge $250 per page. If you have more than 5 pages, then the price per page drops. Ask for quote. And yes, you can have that first page for free, as we have almost never built a website where we didn't wind up giving away some pages. Usually our reasons are sufficiently "selfish" as we like to look good OURSELVES and if you look good, then we look good. And sometimes, well, it just needed to be spread out a little to make a better website. As long as the idea was ours, then we shouldn't charge you for adding another page. You didn't ask for it, but we knew that you really needed it. Talk to any of our many customers and you will find that this is the norm for us. So, in reality you wind up getting a site for less than that page price, but we still use it as a reference.

Oh, and don't forget: We still charge that $25/month "Hosting/Maintenance Fee" which also entitles you to those UNLIMITED SMALL CHANGES to your web pages. This really comes in handy for you. And yes, we charge it every year. We have to pay our hosting service to host our sites and so, like them, we charge every year. By then, we hope that you will have discovered how much you love Syntropy and so you will gladly pay for the next year of hosting.

"Hosting/Maintenance Fees"

We charge all of our customers $25/month (up front) for our "Hosting/Maintenance Fee." This also entitles you to UNLIMITED SMALL CHANGES to the content of your web pages all during the year. This is a serious savings to you. "Small Changes" are defined as changes that take no more than about 20 minutes per month. When there are a lot of changes that you have requested, if it should take more than an hour, then we will either bill you on an hourly basis or the price of a revised page, whichever is more appropriate. A revised page is $150; the hourly rate would be $50 per hour.

E-Commerce Sites

Currently the type of e-commerce websites that we are building use the PayPal® shopping cart and we will be glad to do the programming required and also teach you how to set up the proper accounts, etc., but we will need to know the scope of your site in order to provide you with a quote for the monthly fee, as it is (by its own nature) going to have to be somewhat higher.

However, the PayPal® shopping cart is quite secure and is an excellent way of building a website with online selling characteristics and we have a lot of experience doing this. To see an example of this kind of site, you can look at one that we own ourselves: http://www.DeerParkPhotos.com. On this site we have hundreds of Pop-Up photos where you can buy 3 different sizes of photos using the PayPal® secure shopping cart. It works like a charm.
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